14 Days - A Creative Partnership

Remember when a fortnight of isolation sounded like a long time?

Like many of our friends, colleagues and clients these days, we (Katie and Brennan) have been experiencing a new (and if we’re honest, odd) relationship to time itself. January seems years ago, while this week is flying by – or was it last week that flew by?

In this state, we’ve been working to find, and hold onto, perspectives that are somehow helpful and good. Throughout, questions have been easier to find than answers. And while we love questions in general, and tend to think that answers are overrated, in these times of crises and change, our hope is for answers as well.

  • What’s going on?
  • What should we do about it?
  • How should we understand ourselves?
  • What should we do about it?
  • What actually, really matters?
  • What good things does the world need at this time?
  • And what should we do about it?

These questions have always been woven into the human condition but today, they seem to be rising to the top of our collective consciousness all the more.

And to be honest, we’ve been torn.

On the one hand, we could recall and pass on perspectives that are essentially the equivalent of philosophical sugar: sweet ideas that go down easily but burn up quickly. At the other extreme are ‘protein-rich’ postulations: important, but difficult to digest.

With the ’14 Days’ of ideas and images we've put together, we hope we’ve struck a balance of perspectives that are both uplifting and sustaining. Uplifting because each would not exist without hope, but sustaining because the messages we’ve collected (none of which are original to us) reach down into the deep and offer a foundation on which to build a way forward.

This creative collaboration has been positive for us in this time. We hope it is for you as well. And if it sparks anything for you, let us know. We’d love to know the perspectives you care about most at this time too.

To digest all of our 14 Days, head over to Instagram.

Brennan Jacoby (Philosophy at Work)

Katie Steel (Supafrank)