Philosophy at Work

Think Better, Do Better

We've been working with Brennan and the team at Philosophy at Work, since 2017. It's a huge pleasure to work and grow with such a thoughtful, kind and creative company. See the website here.

Brennan Jacoby, the founder and philosopher works, with clients such as Deloitte, Sony Music, Sky, Penguin and the School of Life. He introduces philosophy - the art of thinking well, and differently - into the workplaces and homes of today. We hope that the brand and website really is a showcase for Thinking and Doing Better.

Supafrank have been perfect - technically excellent and a joy to work with. There was no pretense, feedback was easy and the creative process felt truly collaborative.

My work is about using philosophy to help others think so the branding and website brief had the challenge of visually communicating substantive ideas in an approachable and down-to-earth way. The work Supafrank produced exceeded my expectations.

Dr Brennan Jacoby