Philosophy at Work

Branding, photography and website

Supafrank created the brand collateral for Philosophy at Work, facilitating a transition from a single talented consultant to a more trusted company that could take on larger scale projects. View website here.

Brennan Jacoby, the founder, is a philosopher, writer, speaker, trust consultant and trainer who works with clients such as Deloitte, National Gallery and the School of Life. He introduces philosophy - the art of thinking well, and differently - into the modern workplace with startling results. He needed an ownable brand with clear corporate appeal, whilst retaining his personal voice at it’s heart.

Supafrank have been perfect - technically excellent and a joy to work with. There was no pretense, feedback was easy and the creative process felt truly collaborative.

My work is about using philosophy to help others think so the branding and website brief had the challenge of visually communicating substantive ideas in an approachable and down-to-earth way. The work Supafrank produced exceeded my expectations.

Dr Brennan Jacoby

In close collaboration with Brennan, Supafrank devised the Philosophy at Work branding, stationery, website and social media assets with it’s conceptual photography. The name of the business was chosen with care - not only do Brennan’s clients understand the offer, but Google and SEO engines favour URLs that contain their purpose. The clear and simple strapline ‘think better. do better.’ is used alongside the logo consistently.

The typographic logo has a grown-up, trusted, feeling designed to have broad appeal among corporate and creative clients. The exuberant yellow full-stop is used creatively throughout the site like a playful accent, working alongside creative black and white bitmap photographic imagery reminiscent of high quality editorial spreads.

We needed to help businesses understand the relevance of philosophy in the modern corporate workplace. This meant demonstrating how Brennan transforms abstract concepts into tangible benefits to leadership and management teams. It required a balance between business terminology for credibility and familiarity. But most importantly it had to put philosophy, and Brennan’s iconic style of questioning everything, at the centre.

The process of creating the Philosophy at Work brand was an incredibly collaborative experience. Brennan’s words and ideas flowed into and inspired the creative imagery which in turn reflects the disruptive value of play in the thought processes. Asking the really big questions, bringing them to life, and understanding the nature of change are bread and butter to Brennan - all of which helped to make this project such a joy to work on.