Love Brownies

Choc-a-Block with Goodness

Multi-award winning brownies, handmade in the heart of Yorkshire.

Love Brownies has been a client for over ten years. We've been with them every step of the way, from baking brownies on the kitchen table, to a franchisable proposition that has 16+ stores across the UK.

We have been their sole agency to deliver: Branding, Packaging, Photography, Website, Signage and Spaces / Environments

We’ve always worked with Love Brownies to pin down the brand values to keep them at the heart of everything they do. See their website here.

Supafrank has been working with us for over ten years. Their creative and practical approach has seen us from baking brownies at home to having over 16 stores nationally. We know that Katie and her team will always deliver excellence and do the right thing for our brand.

Chantal Teal, Founder at Love Brownies