Jolly Good Meat

Lishman’s of Ilkley is a multi-award winning Yorkshire Butchers shop, founded over 35 years ago by David Lishman. David still works there today with his daughter Emma. Welfare minded and conscious of their own brilliant heritage, the duo are also forward-thinking experimental butchers. We worked with Lishman’s to design the shop whilst developing the brand to fully represent both generations.

Supafrank were amazing and there’s nothing we would change about the process, or the result. We were stuck with the layout and Katie came up with so many great ideas we hadn’t thought of. The new layout brings us out onto the shop floor to interact with the customers and really forces us to work in the way we want to. Because of the way it’s now laid out, even the ancillary products have had a boost.

Groceries are up 25% and wine and beer sales have increased 5 times over. The fitting phase was quite daunting and I was so glad she was there to answer all the questions about how the design would work practically.

My favourite thing to do now is stand in the shop and watch people’s reactions as they come in.

Emma Lishman