Four-Legged Therapy

Book Design

Four-Legged Therapy is filled with stories about how animals enhance our existence – from rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg’s daily wander with his Welsh Border collie Mitzpah to The Pool writer Caroline O’Donoghue’s freelance days with Sylvie the Jack-Russell terrier. We commissioned the delightful illustration, the stories and designed the layout.

Katie and the Supafrank team bring the visual essence of Dept. Store for the Mind into the books with grace and ease, which are stunning. We have now collaborated with Dept. Store for the Mind and Supafrank on four books, and each is a beautiful read that exercises the mind.

Kate Adams, Octopus Publishing

Canines, cats or community-owned hens and pet rabbits, school goats or visiting llamas offer us purpose – something to care for – and motivation to get out into the world. Their constant presence, daily rhythms and intuition teach us about listening, love and developing resilience in a hectic world where mental health challenges like depression, anxiety and loneliness affect old and young alike.

With special thanks to Veronica Wood for the illustration.

We were so inspired by commissioning and designing the book that we have set up a community and blog around it.

You can by the book here. Published by the Octopus imprint, Aster.