Our Approach

We believe businesses that have true meaning at their core matter more to their customers. Our process – the Rummage – will help you define yours. Here’s how it works:

1. Brand Workshop - Tend your spark

A workshop, at your site or in our studio, to find and define what is really at the core of your company’s belief system and offering. It’s no longer enough to simply tell your customer what you do, you need to continuously delight them.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we can call on our dynamic network of specialists to join us at the workshop. We have strong relationships with a philosopher, brand strategist and wellbeing experts to help shift through issues and find unexpected results.

What really makes you and your team tick? How can we tell your customer?

2. Brief – Clarity is Everything

We use design engineering principles to make sense of the workshop – distilling often chaotic thoughts into a simple brief and set of objectives that we can all work from. Clarity and confidence in your strategic priorities will help you connect with the right people for the best impact.

3. Collaborate – People Who Challenge and Inspire Us

We identify what any given project needs and assemble a team of specialists to deliver it. We have a network of talented regulars that we have worked with for many years, including designers, illustrators, photographers and copywriters.

4. Feedback – Communication and Hand Over

Your objectives inform how we explore and play with themes when we develop a series of options for you to consider. We want our work to work hard for you and we guide you through the decision-making process so it does. Have we captured the essence of what you are trying to do? Will it work for your customer? Can you grow with it?

Whatever the intention is, we can help you stay impartial and create something that really works for your business. This feedback stage is a crucial part of the Supafrank Approach. We feedback verbally to keep things constructive, practical and cost effective.

It’s a Long-Term Thing for Us

We have developed a reputation for creating new brands and supporting them with branding, marketing and commercial strategies as they develop and grow. The beauty of building on an existing relationship with clients is that we understand the motivation and priorities behind what you’re doing at every stage of your company’s growth.

We love to work with established brands too; it’s exciting to help them pivot in a new direction.

The Supafrank Approach is a down-to-earth one that applies creativity and commercial viability to help you tend your spark in a meaningful and sustainable way. You gain clarity and confidence about what really matters to your company.

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Supafrank have been excellent and a joy to work with. There was no pretense, feedback was easy and the creative process felt truly collaborative.

Brennan Jacoby, Philosophy at Work