Love Brownies

Choc-a-Block with Goodness

Love Brownies are one of our oldest clients so it is with much pride that we could support them into the next phase of their business.

We refreshed their brand identity, designed their shop, added retail packaging, created new photography and a styleguide which has been rolled out through the website and social media.

This luxury chocolate gift service, choc-a-block with goodness, has become a market leader, to be stocked shortly in Booths and the website, designed and developed by us, has increased sales by 55% on the same period last year.

We’ve always worked with Love Brownies to pin down the brand values to keep them at the heart of everything they do. See their website here.

Love Brownies is my life’s dream come true. So I had to find people who could express it in just the right way. I couldn’t be happier with the way Love Brownies looks and talks.

Chantal Teal